Venus versa IPL

Pulses of broad-spectrum light are selectively filtered and delivered into the skin, where it’s absorbed by target chromophores and transformed into therapeutic heat.

We can treat benign pigmented and vascular lesions (Veins) using the SR515 & SR580 applicators, which deliver bursts of energy onto targeted areas of skin. The intense pulsed light used is selectively absorbed by the target chromophores—namely, hemoglobin for vascular lesions, and melanin for pigmented lesions. All IPL applicators include innovative SmartPulse™ technology to ensure precise and consistent energy delivery through advanced pulse optimisation. IPL also stimulates collagen, so we can treat the full face for rejuvenation, and then target individual areas of pigmentation and veins.

With the Venus Versa IPL we can treat-

  • Rosacea
  • Thread veins (face)
  • Small thread veins on the legs
  • Pigmentation
  • Full face skin rejuvenation

Treatment Information

  • How long does the treatment take?
    From 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area
  • Is this treatment uncomfortable?
    No, you may feel a short sharp burst of heat but this only lasts for a split second
  • How many treatments are required?
    3 treatments are usually required for best results, spaced one month apart


  • Who is this treatment for?
    This treatment is for everyone in need of a more even skin tone.
  • How quickly can I see results?
    Veins and pigmentation can darken directly after the treatment, and begin to lighten and fade around 2 weeks after your treatment, these results continue to improve through the duration of your course.
  • How long do the results last?
    Veins and pigment may come back overtime when exposed to UV/ environmental factors, so a maintenance treatment every 6 months will keep them at bay.