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Lip Enhancement

How does it work?

The lips are one of the most important facial features, therefore there is no surprise there is also a large demand when it comes to lip enhancement procedures. This is a very safe and effective procedure which can help in improving the lips’ appearance, obtain plumper and fuller lips and create a more harmonious face structure.

It works by injecting a dermal filler into precise areas of the lips. The patient is fully awake during the procedure in order to review the changes that are being made.

Benefits of having this treatment with us:

  • We specialise in cosmetic procedures; therefore, we will offer you the best treatments for your skin type
  • Our medical practitioners are experienced and fully qualified to create for you voluptuous lips
  • We use the best dermal fillers, which are safer and will last longer than other similar treatments. However, if you would prefer a different type of dermal fillers, we can order them before your treatment
  • We use 100% reversible products. Therefore, if after reviewing the results of the procedure you are not happy with the result, we can easily reverse the process and bring your lips to their initial look


Is the procedure painful?

This procedure uses products which include local anaesthetics, therefore you should not feel any pain.

Is downtime needed for this procedure?

There is no downtime for this procedure. However, some side effects are commonly associated with the lip enhancement process. After the procedure, you might experience redness and swelling and some mild bruising. These side effects should settle in the following 12 hours after the procedure. In order to lessen these conditions, the application of a cold compress over the affected area is recommended.


Are the results instant?

After the procedure, you will see immediate results concerning the aspect of your lips.

Who should not use dermal fillers?

Although there is no precise data on the side effects of dermal fillers on pregnant women, this procedure is not advised when it comes to these types of customers as it might represent a risk on the mother and the baby. This procedure is also not accessible to clients allergic to collagen; therefore, an allergy test will be performed before any injection.

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