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Intracel Treatment

Intracel is an innovative and proven technology that offers reliable results. This treatment reduces the signs of aging by eliminating wrinkles, tightening the skin and correcting scarring.

How does it work?

Intracel uses radio frequency and micro-needling to cause a controlled trauma to the skin.

Intracel reduces oil and bacteria, promotes collagen repair and renewal which helps to tighten the skin and clear Acne.

Benefits of having this treatment with us:

  • Highly experienced therapists
  • Clean and sterile environment
  • Competitive prices


How many treatments do I need?

This will be discussed in consultation but between 1 and 3 treatments will be required depending on the condition of your skin.

Does it hurt?

You will have an anaesthetic cream on for an hour before your treatment which will numb the area. You will feel a mild discomfort.


What will I look like after?

You will be quite pink afterwards, but this will go back to normal if 24 hours.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare but this will be discussed in consultation where a full and thorough medical consultation will take place.

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