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PDO Threads Treatment

How Do PDO Threads Work?

PDO (polydioxanone) is a potent synthetic fibre, consisting of one filament (mono-filament) or two filaments twisted solid (poli-filament) which dissolve after a certain time in the tissue. Polydioxanone is a material known and used in medicine for many years.

Polydioxanone stimulates the tissue neocolagenesis process – that stimulates the production of new collagen – the protein responsible for the tension and firmness of the skin.

In addition, stimulation of fibroblasts results in stimulating the synthesis of elastin – the protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

The PDO thread introduction technology is based on using the natural skin tension lines, which also causes an effect similar to a surgical facelift. By introducing the PDO thread in the skin, we help to get the fastest possible improvement in its appearance.

Benefits of having this treatment with us:

  • Both of our medical practitioners teach PDO Thread lifting and were in fact taught by the pioneer of the treatment itself, Dr Gabrielle Mercik
  • High Quality threads are used which keep the tension in the skin longer than some of the cheaper available. After treatment we use a Dr Gabriella mask which is highly infused with vitamins and calming products to help with bruising, redness and swelling, this helps with clients recovery after this procedure


Does PDO thread lifting hurt?

The procedure can be uncomfortable but we apply an anaesthetic cream for 45 minutes before the treatment itself. If you are having the threads with barbs then the Dr will inject lidocaine to help ease any pain.

What are the side effects?

Bruising is common, swelling and tenderness to the area. You may sometimes be able to see the threads under the skin but this resolves after a few days as the threads turn white and are no longer visible.


When will I see results?

Very often you will see almost an immediate lift but for the full effect, you see the best results 3 months after the treatment. Individual results may vary.

After about 10-14 days, the synthesis begins with the body’s natural proteins (collagen and elastin). This process continues throughout the period of maintaining the threads in the body (up to 6-8 months).

How long will the results last?

The resulting aesthetic effects persist typically up to 36 months. Although individual results may vary. Lifting PDO thread is a treatment dedicated primarily for patients aged 30-65 years.

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