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Weight Loss

How does it work?

This FDA approved Weight Loss Injections which works by decreasing the appetite without the usual nasty side effects that other drugs for weight loss, can cause. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, clients can see a steady weight loss.

This is a prescription drug and clients will be carefully consulted and reviewed to make sure its right for them. You will be fully advised in your consultation as to how the drug works, side effects and how to use the pen.

Benefits of having this treatment with us:

  • You will be fully advised before you commit to a course of treatment.
  • You will be give additional support by a dietician or a personal trainer should you require further help.
  • We are a medical clinic and will not give this pen to anyone, your safety is paramount!


How is the drug taken ?

You will be given a pen/pens, to take home and you will inject on a daily basis. You will be shown exactly how to use your pen.

How many pens will I need?

This is dependant on how much weight you need to lose.

Does it hurt ?

No, the needles are tiny and you are injecting into fatty tissue so it doesn’t hurt.


What do I do with the needles ?

You will be given a sharps box to use to get rid of used sharps safely.

Are there any side effects ?

Very few. Your appetite will be noticeably decreased, you wont feel shaky or jittery and you will be able to sleep. Sometimes you can feel a little nauseous but this goes after a few days.

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